POW Work Detail? Slave Labor? Do You Know?

The following photos were scanned from one roll of negatives my father brought home after World War Two.
What is this group?
There is no displayed insignia of service or rank, but the caps are German (single-button Luftwaffe?).
Bottom photo: Check out the closeup of the belt buckle. Although the detail is not clear, it matches the Luftwaffe type of buckle.
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Taking A Break

Note the bandage and sling.
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At the other end of the log...

Now, here's a different type of hat!

Both men and women in the truck bed

High wall in background

Soldier escorting woman through gate in wall

Luftwaffe belt buckle and what? Cigars? Rations?

The 2nd set of mysterious photos "German Red Cross? - DRK?" can be viewed at: WWII Photos From A Combat Engineer - 2nd set


327th and 1st Engineer Combat Battalions

The 327th Engineer Combat Battalion served with the 102nd Infantry Division in Europe during WWII and the period of occupation after the war. The 1st Engineer Combat Battalion served with the 1st Infantry Division during WWII and the Occupation in Europe.


My Father - Louis Coke

Lou served in Company B, 327th Engineer Combat Battalion with the 102nd Infantry Division. He sailed for Europe Sept 12, 1944 aboard the Santa Paula. He served in the ETO with Dick Funk, Steve Moroz, Donald Detweiler, Albert Baumgart, John England, Sam Allen, Walter Fondry, Bob Fluhr, Floyd Jackson, James Gabrielson, John Zriny, Jim Oviatt, Charles Isoldi, Sgt Murry, Toohey, Prendy, Franklin, Childers, Lt Harold Lay & more.
In September 1945, Lou was transferred to the 1st Engineers until returning home in March 1946.